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Timo Züfle

Timo Züfle is a recognized specialist in the field of blockchain forensics and an experienced expert in cryptocurrency investments. Thanks to his precise analytical skills in uncovering fraud in the crypto and broker sector, he has earned an outstanding reputation as a forensic expert. His expertise is regularly featured in publications such as BTC-Echo and Computerbild as well as on the Philip Hopf / HKCM YouTube channel. In addition to his professional activities as a senior consultant in the field of digital supply chain solutions, Mr. Züfle also stands out for his academic achievements, which he confirms as a certified examiner for blockchain analysis (Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner, CTCE).

His dedication and enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency industry extends far beyond his professional scope. He is the founder of Crypto-Tracing.com and the blog "Broker-verweigert-Zahlung.de", a platform dedicated to the explanation and deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies. His many years of experience as an investor in the sector has not only given him a profound understanding of the market dynamics, but also allows him to view the technical and financial facets of the crypto-economy from a unique perspective. Timo Züfle represents a rare blend of practical experience, professional expertise and in-depth training, making him a valued expert and advisor to many companies in the crypto industry.

His efforts have not only made life easier for many clients, but in many cases have even led directly to the identification of the perpetrators. He can look back on several years of experience in this sector and thus has a unique professional experience that few IT forensic experts can boast.

Dr. Marc Maisch is an independent lawyer in Munich, specializing in IT law and a renowned expert in cybercrime matters. He works as a cooperation partner with CryptoTracing, where he represents victims of fraud in the crypto and broker sector and advises them on legal matters. Through his extensive network of IT lawyers, both nationally and internationally, he offers fast and expert advice from a single source.

Dr. Maisch began his academic career at the University of Passau, where he worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Public Law, Security Law and Internet Law. He also gained experience at a major international law firm. He expanded his international expertise through stays in San Francisco, USA, and Shanghai, China. He obtained his doctorate with a dissertation in the field of data protection law, a particularly critical topic today.

Since 2018, Dr. Maisch has focused on IT and data protection law as well as cybercrime, including crypto fraud. He founded the self-help portal Datenklau-hilfe.de, which offers support to victims of data theft and identity theft.

Dr. Maisch has written numerous books and specialist articles and is a sought-after keynote speaker on topics such as cybercrime and artificial intelligence throughout Germany. He conducts lectures and training courses for employees.

Dr. Marc Maisch

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