Hacking is actually a positive activity in which the hacker solves a task. Hacking involves exploiting a gap in the software or computer to obtain information. A benign hacker is also called a "white hat" and tries to protect, while "black hats" commit crimes. So hacking is often used to find bugs in software and improve security. In many cases, companies even employ hackers or offer the hacker a reward for pertinent information on errors in their software. In Germany, more and more computers are being infected with malware through malicious hacking. The malware is used by hackers to try to obtain valuable information. Businesses are just as affected as consumers, and both should protect themselves from such hacking.

For a hack to succeed, the hacker must bypass the security of his victims. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, hacks are nothing new. In 2022 alone, billions of US dollars of cryptos were stolen through hacking. Not every hack makes it into the media. Hacking often happens quietly because many small targets are targeted via malware rather than one big target. This also affects investors' computers, which then become victims of a hack.

How can you protect yourself from hackers and hacking? What resources do victims of a hack have? How can you protect yourself from malware? We will show you what means there are against hackers and malware and what you can do if a hacker has struck.