Crypto recovery distinguishes between different areas where assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are recovered. With a recovery, one can track down lost data to gain access to the cryptos. Another reason to hire a recovery service is fraud. In this case, cryptocurrencies or money are fraudulently taken from investors and then supposedly disappear. But the fraudsters leave behind a trail of data that blockchain forensic experts can track down.

This is because blockchain analysis can be used to track cryptocurrencies and recover lost assets. In some cases, the perpetrators also have to pay fines to the victims if they can be persecuted. The topic is technical and complex. With our articles, we want to give you an insight on how to perform a recovery and how we at Crypto-Tracing can help you to recover your cryptos.

How does crypto recovery work? What are the chances of success and why should perpetrators not feel too safe behind their computers?